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Success Stories

Success Stories

मुझे ६ सालों से घुटनों में गठिया हो गया था। बायें घुटने में भयंकर दर्द रहता था। चलने – फिरने, सीढी चढने में बहुत परेशानी होती थी। डाक्टरों ने कहा था कि मुझे कुछ समय बाद घुटने बदलवाने पडेंगे। निराश होकर, मैंने होलिस्टिक वेलनेस में २० अक्टूबर से अपना इलाज शुरु किया। एक महीने के इलाज के बाद ही, अब मुझे दोनों घुटनों में बिलकुल दर्द नहीं होता है। सबसे ज्यादा खुशी इस बात की है कि अब मैं पूरी नींद सोती हूँ। मैं अस्पताल के डाक्टरों और सभी थेरेपिस्ट्स को धन्यवाद देती हूँ।

Keya Krishnan

B 104 Ireon Apts. Dwarka, New Delhi - 78

I experienced pain in my knee joints in 1987, the doctor prescribed injections in knee joints, which relieved me of pain for some time but, the pain reoccurred. The doctor prescribed me another round of injections with no relief from pain. I was put on several medicines but nothing worked. In 2013 the doctor advised me to undergo total knee replacement in both my knee joints. I never wanted to get my knees replaced. So, I inquired about Holistic Treatment. I started my Holistic Treatment Program in February 2015 and within three months, I felt significant improvement in my pain and deformity. I can now walk and climb stairs comfortably. I strongly recommend this program to all those suffering from severe arthritis of knee joints.

Mrs. Arti Singh (74 yrs.)
W/o (Late) Shri AP Singh, IAS

Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

A word from Internationally Renowned Professor:

I have reviewed the concept of Holistic Medicine and the approach taken to manage Life Style Disorder through it. With all due respect to the Holistic Treatment. I feel the body should be treated as a whole and therefore correction of nutritional, psycho social and internal chemical milieu  along with decongestion and detoxification of organs and systems would contribute substantially to the well being  of the patients. Rectification of the pressure alignments, energy channels and structural correction, undoubtedly, leads to the overall health of the patients and treats many anomalies which perhaps modern medicine is yet to define.

I have practiced Holistic Medicine under the able guidance of competent  Dr. Pankaj Bharti at Holistic Wellness and feel this system relieves many systemic disease and adds quality to life. The approach is very effective in management of joint disease and gives long lasting results. I have myself drawn many benefits in my various ailments and joint pains from this  system.

I wish Dr. Pankaj Bharti all success in its pursuit and research.

Prof. C.G. Agarwal, MD
Head of The Department (Retd.),

Dept. of Medicine, KG Medical University, Lucknow

Despite being a soldier and a sports person, I developed severe Knee Joints Osteo-Arthritis to the extent that Doctors advised me for Total Knee Replacement. My routine activities had become very painful and I had to give up playing golf as well.

I was introduced to Dr. Bharti and I started the treatment under his professional guidance. I wish to share my achievement today. It is seen to believe that I can walk gracefully, climb stairs comfortably and play golf all 18 holes without any pain in my knees. I hope this unique treatment grows and spreads so maximum patients are benefited in the time to come.

God Bless !!!

BS Sisodia
Lt. General

I had severe Osteo-Arthritis both knee joints along with slip-disc at the level of L5 – S1 for the last many years. I could not move even 10 steps. Diabetes and kidney disease were also troubling me. I used to take 196 units of insulin everyday.

After taking holistic treatment, I feel myself much younger and energetic. Now I can walk for kilometers. Move up and down the stairs. Pain in both knees and spine is totally resolved. Now I take only 30 units of insulin in whole day, serum, creatinine and GFR have become normal. My energy level have gone up many folds. I have also lost at least 15 kg weight. I truly appreciate the efforts by doctor Bharti in the field of managing life style disorders and joint pain management.

Dr. Shyam Swaroop, MS
Retd. Director, Balrampur Hospital, Lucknow

I had Osteo-Arthritis both knee joints since 2000. When I was posted in Mumbai, I consulted many renowned orthopedic doctors. All were in favour of knee replacement. Some how I came to know about Dr. Bharti’s program for non-surgical management of arthritis. I started his program on 01.01.2015. Now I am completely free from pain, my legs have straighten. I feel very comfortable in performing my daily routine work With the assistance of holistic treatment, I have also lost 20 kg weight.

Thank to Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Wellness.

Good Bless!

Balkrishna (68 yrs.)
Retd. Chief Bridge Engineer,

New Delhi

I had Osteo-Arthritis of both knee joints for the last 20 years. I tried everything possible to get my knees corrected and relieve from pain. I travelled even abroad to seek treatment alternatives but nothing could help me. I was reluctant for knee surgery. It was almost impossible for me to perform daily routine. I was very disappointed as my life has been very active throughout.

As a last weapon, I consulted at Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Wellness on 10th Feb 2010. After a long discussion with the doctor, I decided to undergo holistic treatment. After a few days of the treatment, I observed positive changes in my knees. Pain was much less and I could move freely without any assistance. It was a new and very fresh feeling for me. Within 3 months of treatment, I resumed my car driving even at this age.

I found the holistic treatment very scientific. Now I have turned 87 but still follow some maintenance program to keep my knees fit. My hearty thanks to whole team of the hospital.

Dr. Shanti Tripathi
Retd. Joint Director, UP Medical Health Services

9/11 Rana Pratap Marg, Suryodaya Housing Colony, Lucknow - 226001